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June -2019

Date Event
29Term 2 Kids Promotion Day

July -2019

Date Event
05Term 2 End
13-14Black Belt Promotion Weekend (Sandan / Sensei)
22Term 3 Start
29Instructors’ Workout / Meeting

August -2019

Date Event
09Kyu Grade Promotion (Green-Brown)
10Kyu Grade Promotion (White-Yellow)

September -2019

Date Event
09Black Belt Promotion (1st Day)
16Black Belt Promotion (2nd Day)
21Term 3 Kids Promotion / Jr Black Belt Promotion (AU)
23Black Belt Promotion (3rd Day)
27Term 3 End / Black Belt Promotion (Out-of-State)
28Black Belt Promotion (Final)
30Instructors’ Workout / Meeting

October -2019

Date Event
07Labour Day – Dojo Closed
11Kyu Grade Promotion (Green-Brown)
12Kyu Grade Promotion (White-Yellow)
14Term 4 Start

November -2019

Date Event
17-18Black Belt Seminar Weekend (TBC)
30Term 4 Kid’s Promotion

December -2019

Date Event
06Kyu Grade Promotion (White-Brown)
07End of Year Kids Performance and Family Party
09-14Dojo Clean-Up
18Last Day of Classes
20Term 4 End
25Christmas Day – Dojo Closed
26Boxing Day – Dojo Closed