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Seido Juku Karate Australia organises a number of special events each year. These events are scheduled to encourage all students to practice their material under various situations. More importantly, these events enable students to connect with each other, strengthen existing relationships and develop new friendships over many years.

Kagami Biraki (New Year’s Training)

Kagami Biraki is usually held early on a weekend morning sometime in January. Kagami Biraki represents the official start of the year for the dojo. It is a time for all students regardless of rank and age to re-dedicate their training with a fresh attitude and renewed spirit. This special training session also represents a chance for students to practice encouraging each other and provide wholehearted support when others are faced with challenging circumstances.

Annual Camp & Branch Meeting

In mid-April each year, many Seido students from all over Australia come to comprehensively review Seido syllabus at all levels. It is a great opportunity for groups of students to work on their material together, and to experience the teaching skills and perspectives of many of the senior instructors across Australia. It is also a chance for all the branch instructors to meet as a group to discuss relevant topics and exchange ideas.

National Benefit Tournament

On the third Saturday of November each year, Seido Juku Karate Australia holds its National Benefit Tournament. Students from all over Australia, and sometimes from overseas, participate in open-hand and weapons kata, point-sparring and board breaking. There are team events in both kata and point-sparring. Although the tournament is a competition, there is lots of support and encouragement amongst the participants throughout the day. Proceeds from the tournaments are donated to various charities, including Cancer Council Australia, Youth Off The Streets, Giant Steps School Balmain and Headspace Camperdown.