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The class schedule and structure has been developed over many years in order to help students progress through the ranks at their own pace and reflective of their level of maturity. This is why we can take a student from the age of 4 and have them continue training until they are 80 years old!

Children’s Program (4-12 year olds)

At Seido Karate, your child can participate in age-specific classes. Each class focuses on different aspects of development that will help your child in other areas.
Pee-Wees: These classes are for our youngest members, ages 4-5 years old. The main objective of these classes is to teach good listening and social skills, physical and emotional strength, and discipline, all in a fun environment!
Juniors: These classes are designed for 6-8 year olds. In these classes, children continue to develop their motor skills, learn to be polite to teachers, parents and other kids, and become physically stronger and emotionally more resilient.
Youth: These classes are for 9-12 year olds. In these classes, students begin to remember and practice their material. Children now begin to realise that the skills they’ve learned in our program can also apply at home, school and other activities.

Teen’s Program (13-15 years old)

Over many years, we have observed that each teen-ager is unique and progresses to the adult program at their own pace. That’s why we enable teenagers to participate in both children’s and adult classes. In consultation with the student’s parents or guardians, we also define a pathway to the adult program that is unique to each student.

Adult Program (at least 16 years old)

Students often join Seido Karate for one of several reasons: to get fit, to learn to defend themselves, or to learn more about Japanese culture and philosophy. We provide the framework, structure and environment to cater for all of these pursuits. After a period of time, students discover that their experience with Seido Karate enables them to grow and develop in other ways.

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